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My Love for the Bengal breed started in the 1980s when I visited America and meet these amazingly beautiful little leopards. The look of them just blew me away I really loved their stunning looks and the feel of their coats was just like a wild tiger although slightly softer however I was not impressed with the temperaments. At that stage I had bred Burmese so I was used to a super friendly, smoochy purrsonality. I came away from America still very interested in the breed but knowing the Breeders had a long way to go yet. I corresponded with some Breeders in Malaysia in the early 1990’s and my partner Mark and I then visited Malaysia…. I was hoping to get a kitten. Again I loved the breed and the looks were spectacular to say the least but I still could not see myself owning a beautiful little leopard with a wild temperament.

At this stage I was looking for a breed to show and later breed and I came across the Australian Mist so my love affair with this breed too flight.

When the first Bengal’s came out to Australia in around 1994 I watched the progress of the breed. In late 90’s I flew to Queensland to see them and was considering buying but decided again not to go ahead. I saw the Bengal breed come onto the show bench as I was a show junkie and although they were stunning and the temperaments had improved quite a bit over the years they were still not what I wanted or felt I could have at that stage in my life. I was happy having my Australian Mists.

In 2008 at a Show at Ipswich I saw a stunningly beautiful Snow female kitten that just took my breath away – I approached the owner Olga from Elite Cats. Unfortunately this beautiful girl was already sold but my friendship with Olga started and to this day we are still very good friends and work together for the betterment of the breed focusing on health, temperament and type. In 2010 I started my Shorthair Judging Course and so I learnt even more about this amazing Breed. I was lucky enough for Olga to entrust me with raising one of her beautiful Brown Rosetted Boys Jester who I showed very successfully until he was sold to another breeder as a stud boy.

In 2012 I met a lovely Lady Lorelle – Sparkles Bengals and in 2013 I bought my first male entire bengal Teos (his name means Gift of the Gods). He was a handful to say the least and took a lot of my skills as a professional animal handler and re-educater to get him to be an amazing show cat were he won under International USA Judges – one saying the Best Adult Male Bengal Temperament he had ever come across. Through other Breeders I met Bella from Morrigan Bengals we were great friends from the start and many years later still are. Bella entrusted me with my first breeding Queen Sanjula who I showed and had my first ever Bengal litter with before she went back to Bella. Well I was lost after that because I loved and was addicted to showing so I wanted to breed a litter of kittens that were 100% healthy and had the most amazing temperaments like our Australian Mists that I have owned and bred for more than 25 years. Hence my passion for this breed really took off after many years of watching and waiting…… it has and is an amazing journey I am still travelling with the great support of my fellow breeders and my partner Mark.

To me breeding any animals you have to be 100% committed to the betterment of that breed. When breeding my Horses, Rottweilers, Australian Mist Cats and our Bengals the first and foremost important factors are excellent health, temperament and type (conformation) in that order.

All our cats are fully screened for all hereditary diseases (not just a few) and are blood grouped.

All our kittens are born in our bedrooms and raised as part of our family. They are cuddled and kissed from the moment they are born. Our Bengal kittens are raised with our Australian Mists and they learn and acquire their loving, cuddliness and wanting to be with us from the Australian Mists.

Bengals like Australian Mists are highly intelligent and they need to be handled from the moment they are born they need to be indoors underfoot and introduced to as many different environments and situations as they can.

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